Edu Alliance is a boutique and unique higher education consultancy firm with offices in the United Arab Emirates and the USA. The Edu Alliance team has assisted higher education institutions on a variety of projects.  All our consultants have held senior positions in higher education in the Middle East, USA, and internationally. Our mission is to assist universities, colleges, and educational institutions to develop capacity and enhance their effectiveness. If you would like to speak with a member of our team, please contact us at

Our Services

  Market Research & Feasibility Studies

Edu Alliance will gather intelligence on the marketplace, creating for your organization an understanding of the need and future prospects of academic programs uncovering new market opportunities. This includes market studies of your institution and competition, evaluation of market potential for on-campus and distance learning programs, student awareness, and expansion of branch campuses.

   Executive Search

Quality educational leaders are never easy to identify and Edu Alliance has a unique niche assisting universities in critical mission searches. We have demonstrated success recruiting talented people in the United States, GCC, Middle East, and North Africa. We have served as senior university administrators and leaders in the MENA region and North America – and hence have in-depth experience in recruiting Deans, VPs, Provost and Presidents.

  Strategic Planning

Edu Alliance was founded by higher education practitioners and we understand every academic institution needs a grounded and realistically executable plan. Edu Alliance has helped institutions around the world develop and implement strategically aligned plans to expand their footprint and influence. We help you get on the right road faster.


To assure academic programs offered by your institution will meet standards of institutional and program accreditation, Edu Alliance provides independent professional review and support services. We conduct reviews for institutions, academic programs, student affairs divisions, programs, and services, external programs, other departments and divisions.


International students and partnerships are critical for all universities. Edu Alliance has a unique understanding of higher education worldwide. We know what’s happening in the international higher educational market ranging from branch campuses, student recruitment, academic partnership and student exchanges. Our insights help you hone-in on the market that gives you your best chance of success.

Online Learning

The National Center for Education Statistics reports 32{82f8afc7dcf4c23975c32233f591a52ace8ca856e0bd796037251b3fa4065c55} of US higher education students have taken a for-credit online course. That is a 15{82f8afc7dcf4c23975c32233f591a52ace8ca856e0bd796037251b3fa4065c55} increase in 4 years, while US enrollment overall has decreased 7{82f8afc7dcf4c23975c32233f591a52ace8ca856e0bd796037251b3fa4065c55}. Online learning is growing and will continue to do so. The quality/design of courses, delivery, marketing, and retention is rapidly changing. Our team is here to help you grow, improve, quality and assist your online program being success.